In the past, the “solution” has been to put money and more money “down the hole” by means of dangerous and environmentally harmful chemicals, by mechanical scraping and various methods of heat treatment in a futile attempt to correct these problems. It is well documented that these procedures are grossly inadequate short term solutions at best and cause irrepairable stratigraphic damage and equipment wear and tear at the very minimum. Over the life of a well these techniques are excessively and inordinately expensive and an exercise in futility because the problem has never been really solved by these methods.

With Magniflo, we can help you prevent Paraffin build-up, eliminating the constant need for manual removal of Paraffin clogs.


Enhance Production

By reducing paraffin and scale buildup in the wellbore, Performance of the well can be greatly improved in many aspects: from an increase in overall production, to reductions in operating costs, downtime and chemical and mechanical servicing.

MagniFlo tools, when installed as designed can inhibit paraffin/scale buildup which will allow the well to perform and produce at its optimum, providing you with the potential to see a marked increased in production that is possible through the relatively planar curve that a clean wellbore will show.

Average BOPD Per Month



Operate at maximum performance perpetually

MagniFlo Tools lose their magnetic flux rating ( gauss rating) in decades, losing less than 1% of their overall magnetic rating in 100 years. MagniFlo tools will continue to work in your wellbore long after production has declined and will out live the life of the well, and can be retrieved and used in other wellbores if the need arises. Our full bore tubing tools are made from standard tubing subs and is the only limiting factor of our design.

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Reduce the possibillities for laminar corrosion

The deposition of even minute particles of hydrocarbons and minerals is not only conductive to corrosion but reinforces and promotes that same corrosion. When this depositiositional matter percipitates from colloidal suspension, because of its chemical composition and / or other influences(such as changes in the rate of flow, temperature, pressure, degrees of saturation and vibration), crystallization occurs. This crystallization, once initiated, continues unabated and increases exponentially (the worse it gets, the worse it gets) to the point where production decreases and operating costs skyrocket. This is a very significant income loss in high production wells.

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Reduce maintenance costs on allied equipment

If the equipment is permitted to operate as the manufacturer designed it to operate, mechanical failure, repair labor, lift costs, transmission costs and overhead will be significantly reduced as a result. On top of all that, the extended timeframe between needing to treat the well significantly increases profit and production per application.


Estimated Days Per Treatment
Average Cost per well based on 2012 hot oil treatment rates

Without Magniflo


With Magniflo



"We installed your tools in an 8900' Dean well in Dawson County, Texas. The paraffin problem in this well was so severe that hot oiling was required once a month to keep the well pumping. After a 60 day period, we have seen a sustained 8 BOPD increase, We have not hot oiled this well and as a result realized a reduction in operating expense of 130.00 per month."

- Jim Osborne, / Parker & Parsley

"We experienced severe paraffin / asphalt plugging of our flow lines on the RIppy Oil Company #1 Bailey well. The deposition occurred immediately downstream of the oil dump valve. We were spending $3,000+ per month for chemicals to prevent plugging to no avail. To date, we have not experienced any plugging while other operators without Magniflo have. Our tank bottoms also seem to be cleaning up."

- James H. Rippy / Rippy Oil Company

"The Magniflo tool proved to be efficient, because it completely stopped the precipitation of calcium scale. Without the tool, the precipitation was 20% of the calcium in the solution"

- Pablo Grinstein / GASPETROL S.A.

We are here to serve you whether you are interested in PetroFlo products for the Petroleum Industry or in HydroFlo products for scale and mineral salts inhibition in Industry and Commerce.
All MagniFlo products are manufactured of the highest quality materiels available.

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