MagniFlo Corporation is the world's largest supplier of magnetic tools & devices using Magnetohydrodynamics for mineral scales inhibition &, in a corresponding manner, using Magnetopetrodynamics for paraffins inhibition.

MagniFlo Corporation is a closely held Texas corporation established in 1990. Its founder & president, C. L. Selinger, first became involved with magnetics in 1984, when a friend approached him with a product that supposedly restricted hard water mineral deposition in piping, water heaters & the like in residential applications. Although skeptical, several units were installed on two hot water heaters at his residence. After a test period of several months it was determined the units were working satisfactorily.

The plan was not to devise an improved model for residential & commercial usage (although later that too was accomplished), but for use in crude oil production.


The Permian Basin of West Texas is one of the world's largest producing older oil fields. Because of its age, most production now is by secondary & tertiary recovery. It is well known that both methods produce as a byproduct significant amounts of paraffin & calcium carbonate.

The methods used to reduce paraffins & scales are chemicals, mechanical scraping, hot-oiling or hot water washing. None of which were or are very successful, as all have very negative effects; formation damage, danger to personnel, loss of production, environmentally harmful, & of significant importance, never ending.

His involvement in the exploration & production of crude oil for over forty years helped in designing a magnetic production tool that would be acceptable to the operator in the field because of its structural strength & conformity with the operation of the well.

If magnetic principles could be adapted for use in the control of mineral scales such as calcium carbonate & sodium chloride in commercial & industrial applications, could it not then be modified for use in the production of crude oil.